Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Four years ago I wrote a blog on Townhall that I kept up with for about a total of 45 minutes. I have since beaten that record here. Thank you to both of you reading this.

Now four years ago remember we had about 400 people running for office it seemed and there was no way to figure out who anyone was, and the ones we knew none of us wanted. In the end we ended up with John McCain. Gee thanks guys. To everyone who believes that our current practice of picking our nominee is a good idea, please go run your head into a wall a couple dozen times. That may sound harsh but every 4 years or so that's basically what we do as conservatives. We allow a couple of selected states "cough NH, IA, SC cough" to decide who our presidential nominee is going to be. To say that I hate this process would be like saying that I only have a mild dislike of everything liberal.

Last time I checked we are picking a person that needs to be able to win on a national stage. Yes, I realize that it still boils down to the electoral college which is controlled by state voting. But lets look at how this is going to go this year. Mittens who we all know how we here at The Handbook feel about him, will probably take 2nd in Iowa. Maybe first if this Cain stuff pans out the wrong way. Ron Paul will make his usual showing and to be honest I would love to see the reactions of everything Northeastern Republican should Paul win Iowa. Personally I would find it HILARIOUS. Next we know hes going to win NH. Why?  Because he is a Northeastern Republican and last time I checked he has that state pretty much locked down. So unless Cain or whoever wins Iowa manages to pull of a  STRONG second in NH well Mittens goes to SC with alot of momentum and probably a fundraising boost. I see a strong showing in SC for some reason for him. He shouldn't and maybe I'm wrong but I've seen nothing to make me think hes not competitive there. So now comes FL. You know the state with all the former Northeastern Republicans living there. So guess who probably wins FL. Just like that you get to have Mittens stab you in the back and blow off every conservative while he tries to win the precious middle(you know the people who have no opinion and have no principals or decision making skills.)

So like I said why are certain states allowed to decide our nominee. Yes I've heard the argument that super Tues is suppose to be the almost national referendum. Give me a break. If you are 1st or 2nd in all of those guess who wins on super Tues. So how do we fix this. Well there are a couple of ways 1st we could make Super Tues become really important and everyone votes then. Want to vote early fine but you get no delegates so congrats on having no voice.

Some people don't like that plan so how about this. We have 3 states that rotate each election cycle that go first. NH and IA go directly to the back of the line and don't get to be first again until everyone else has had a chance. And just so there is no chance of crap, we do it alphabetically. It works in grade school and some times we just need to keep it simple.

That concludes my tangent for the day. Hope you enjoy.

Oh if you wanted to read what I said 4 years ago here ya go.

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