Friday, July 11, 2014

Ann Coulter wrong again

So to be honest I haven't read anything from Ann Coulter since this post around Nov of 2011, where she claimed that Romney not only would be the nominee, but had the audacity to say he should be the nominee in 2012. I hated the idea then, and hate it even more looking back on it.
But I did what I felt was right, I tried to prop Romney up, to a point I do have a gag reflex after all, and tried to find things he was good at. Turns out not much. But water under he bridge. Then I find out she wrote this establishment crap back on the 9th about McDaniel conceding and just going away to save his political future. Let me go out on a limb and answer you for him and everyone supporting him, Screw You!

Coulter begins by bringing out people who have had an election stolen from them, gave up, and were able to win later in life. Take for instance this little gem

Richard Nixon had the 1960 presidential election stolen from him, when Chicago Mayor Richard Daley produced enough votes in Cook County to give Kennedy an 8,858-vote margin out of 4.7 million votes cast statewide. Nixon was publicly gracious, and eight years later he was elected president.

Think about how much different things could have been had he contested, forced an investigation, and proven the fraud rampant. Would Nixon have ever been elected, who knows, but since he is the only President to resign, maybe we wouldn't be missing much there.

She also talks about how Al Gore has never been asked to run for anything again, since he contested the election. She never mentions that Al Gore has never been asked to run for anything because he proved to be bat shit crazy, not because he contested a close election. Why wouldn't someone contest an election of that magnitude coming down to such a slim margin.

When people like Charles Johnson and Rick Shaftan are doing the work they are doing, constantly uncovering more and more fraud, why would McDaniel give up? To ask for the approval of an establishment that just cheated to beat him? He should say thank you can I have another? Screw You.

Basic principals say that when something is wrong you do something about it. Not cower and accept it in the hopes your personal fortunes aren't disturbed. Burn it all down, expose the NSRC and the GOP for what they are.

Think this was a one time thing? Wanna see why he should continue to fight? Because they are doing it again in GA right now. Conservative Jody Hince in the GA 10th is fighting the same battle. Read what Erick had to say at Redstate, and tell me why McDaniel shouldn't fight and burn them all down.

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