Friday, July 18, 2014

Obama is lost at life

Stop me if you have heard this before. Barack Obama our Speech-giver-in-chief, has no idea what that the hell he is doing. Israel sends ground troops in to Gaza in an effort to stop it citizens from having to live under constant rocket barrage, his administration spends the morning talking about how close a cease fire is. A 777 carrying 23 US citizens gets shot down over Ukraine, allegedly by Russian seperatists, armed by Russia, and he makes a momentary statement before a burger run. How the hell did we get here?
Fox News is now reporting this morning that Isreal is going to be expanding the ground operation. Those tunnels can't be destroyed by air strikes, so actual humans will have to go in and destroy them and solve the problem. This puts more people at risk, increases the scope of the conflict, and he has nothing to say.

Of course it could be him that has caused this, much like that of the current invasion on our southern border. See Israel always had a few things going for it, personal guarantee of protection from God, the ability to kick everyone in the regions ass in 6 days or less, as already proven, and the implicit backing of the United States. That was before Obama came to office. Hamas knows Obama has no interest in helping Israel, and it doesn't appear the rest of the world has much interest in it either. So they know they can bomb without stirring up international hatred toward them, that is reserved for the moment Israel responds and kills a few dozen of the human shields that Hamas loves to use.

When is the last time Obama said anything about Isreal and Palistine that made it seem like he had Isreal's best at heart? Can't think of one? Yeah, me either. The world knows he is feckless and spineless, he has no ability or stomach to lead on anything. With every global issue, his first response is to make it known that Europe or the Middle East states should be leading. We will just back them up. Wrong, that is not how this works.

Then you get a 777 shot down by Russians, basically, killing US civilians. His response of this might be a catastrophic event shows one of two possibilities, 1. He doesn't care, or 2. He is scared to say something that would anger Putin. Then again maybe it is 3. He has no idea, because he is still confused on why the world isn't spending all its time adoring him.

Face it, times like this test a nations resolve, and their committment. People who want to see very bad things happen to us are watching. They see the weakness, they become emboldened. Iran jerked his chain on those "negotiations"  and proved he was too weak to do anything, Putin continually makes him look like the kid who's lunch money was not stolen but willingly given away to make himself think people liked him.

Our country has a inept idiot at the helm, at least 2 more years of it, and simply changing the Senate's hands aint gonna do much to fix that. We need real leadership, we need real hope we need

My how we need him now.

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