Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More IRS coverup.

So today it comes out that this email was recently turned over by the IRS to Congress.
Whatever could all this mean?Oh that's right it means that Louis Lerner was actively ensuring that those involved with the targeting of Conservatives and whatever else illegalities the IRS was involved in that we haven't discovered yet.

There is no reason to ensure or ask about the messaging system keeping records of chats if nothing that could be embarrassing to the IRS was being discussed. Of course this goes past embarrassing, this goes to people going to jail.

Since there is a law about archiving all documents and correspondence, there has to be at least one law we can charge her with since this email proves that she actively sought to hide information from Congress.

Already no one believes that he emails were "lost" this will only go farther to show the American people how corrupt the IRS is.

Not only should there be an Independent counsel for this scandal, there should be a second one with full power to investigate the entirety of the IRS, there is no way this is the only way they are breaking the law.

Anyone with a law degree and knowledge of this area have an idea of which statute could get her?

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