Sunday, July 6, 2014

Time to feed our tree of Liberty.

 The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure.  - Thomas Jefferson

Having just enjoyed the celebration of our nations 238th birthday, I have come to a distinct and determined conclusion. The tree of liberty is starving. It is time to feed her, so she may blossom once again to greatness.Currently our federal government, through incompetence or outright malfeasance has decided that our laws are of no use or consequence any longer. Since we were formed a country of and by the people, the true and rightful rulers of this country must send a message to those who believe otherwise.

You are starting to see it happen, lawsuits against the IRS and HHS, militias, regular citizens amassing along the border to enforce the laws our government publicly refuses to acknowledge exists much less enforce.

We need to do more. The election is MS should be a turning point in this country. Not just a flashpoint in the GOP alone. What was done during that election by the Cochran campaign and is now coming out mostly by @ChuckCJohnson should sicken anyone who believes in what this country stands for.

At the same time what is happening on the border should scare everyone. We have a Marine still in captivity in Mexico for accidently crossing the border into Mexico illegally. Yet we have 55,000 illegal alien children crossing the border, waiting to be reunited with their families, not in the country they came from, but here in the U.S.

Wake up people. The tree is fading and with it our liberty and freedom. We have fought and bled too much for us to give it away this easily. If they want to destroy it, fine, make them come out publicly say it, and then make them earn it.

Look at the map here. If your community, area is on that map make it known you don't want them there. Follow the lead of those in Murrieta, CA, do not allow them into your town. Make them take it.

After all what diseases are these people carrying? Why was a sitting member of Congress not allowed to visit a facility? What are they trying to hide? Why are no Border patrol agents allowed to take photos and publicize them?

But hey maybe its just like Border Protection Chief, Gil Kerlikowske, said "These are family members. These are not gang members. These are not dangerous individuals". He made those comments to ABC. Sure he knows, I mean the background checks on everyone there has already been completed right?

Another fool for the tree.

Make them known, let them know we are here and we are serious. We will take our country back one way or another.

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