Saturday, July 21, 2012

The unthinkable tragedy in CO

Since in I'm in England I am sometimes a little behind on the news. Especially during the week. The tragedy that struck in CO this week was something that should never happen. When James Holmes opened fire on a Batman movie it was an unspeakable and senseless act that we will never understand.

Aurora theater shooter James Holmes

How did this 24 year old grow up and decide that taking 12 innocent lives including a 6 year old  little girl for who knows what reason we will probably never really understand. I'm not sure that the human mind and psyche can understand and comprehend why people are driven to do things like this.

This type of crazed taking of life hurts the soul and makes you feel deeply for the families. A lot of people begin to come to terms with it by offering prayers and in some cases donations for the victims and their families.

Then there are some people who "never let a crisis go to waste."
The bodies weren't even out of theater yet and people were already talking about the political fallout from this. A lot of people instantly started crying for more gun control. Some people even call for the far left dream of gun removal completely.

From a purely emotional standpoint it almost sounds like a good plan. Then you actually think about it. What criminal is going to give up their gun just because the laws changed and said they had to? They aren't following the law now, why would they start then.

I want to give credit to Obama and Romney for basically shutting down the campaigns and taking a decent road through this by simply trying to honor the fallen and their families. It at least shows there is some decency left in American politics.

My question is how long does it last. And what is the next move on part of both sides. Hot Air wonders if Obama will sign the Arms Trade Treaty from the UN. Read more about that here.

In fact Bloomberg is one of those who didn't wait for the blood to dry before he started trying to get more of his pet project pushed through. He instantly wanted to know where the candidates stood on gun control.

What happened in CO is unthinkable and disgusting, and should never happen, but what is happening following is even more disgusting.

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