Thursday, July 19, 2012

Political Correctness responsible for 13 deaths.

You read that right. Being PC so you don't offend anyone actually resulted in 13 people dying. On top of the 32 others that were injured. Don't believe me? It happened in 2009. You might have heard about it. Some muslim officer in the Army went batshit crazy and killed some people at Ft. Hood. Maj. Nadal Hassan right a bell?

That's right. Now you remember. But whats this all about PC crap? Didn't the man with the gun kill them?
Yes yes he did. However, since the FBI knew about his emails with Anwar Al-Awlaki. So why didn't the FBI investigate a known muslim conversing with a known terrorist? Oh, see that's where the PC comes in. They didn't think it would "look" good if they investigated a US muslim in the military. So what do they do? What every PC moron does. Stuck their head in the sands.

The FBI was too concerned about political correctness and did not launch an investigation into a man who was later charged with killing 13 people in a 2009 attack at the Fort Hood military installation in Texas, despite significant warning signs that he was an Islamic extremist bent on killing civilians, according to a lawmaker briefed on a new report about the terrorist attack.

All they had to do was notify the DoD that this guy might be a good candidate to keep away from the armory. Did that happen? Nope. So instead 13 families had to be notified that it would have been to offensive to people like CAIR to investigate the man that killed their family members before he did it.

Even after emails showing support for suicide bombers they still wouldn't investigate.

In emails to a known terrorist, Army Maj. Nidal Hasan expressed his support for suicide bombings and killing civilians, while the terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki, encouraged Hasan to stay in touch, Republican Rep. Michael McCaul, told The Associated Press on Wednesday after he was briefed on the findings of a new review of the attack. 

See the problem is that the FBI felt that investigating American muslims that visited extremist sites was a bad idea.

The FBI in San Diego had been investigating al-Awlaki, a former San Diego resident, for his possible connections to the 9/11 hijackers. When agents saw emails between Hasan and al-Awlaki, they asked the FBI's Washington office to talk to Hasan's bosses, according to a government official briefed on the findings who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the Webster report. But the Washington agents thought that interviewing American Muslims who visit extremist websites was a sensitive issue and did not reach out to Hasan's bosses at the Defense Department, the official said. 

So let me get this straight. Muslims that go to muslim extremist sites shouldn't be investigated because "it was a sensitive issue". I will bet anything they don't have that same problem when it comes to investigating anyone who is not a muslim who visits an extremist site.

Oh yeah, I forgot it's those crazy right wing conservatives that are the terrorists now.

Everyone involved in this needs to be removed from their current position. Law enforcement CANNOT worry about who's toes they step on in the process. That's what leads to the truth. When you don't care who you offend while following the evidence. That's called an investigation.

This is call a travesty.

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