Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dems have once again lost their minds.

First it was Steny Hoyer coming out and giving the Balanced Budget Amendment the greatest endorsement anyone could have ever dreamed about when he said that it would make it virtually impossible to raise taxes. Now Chuck Schumer wants to limit your 1st Amendment rights.

Yeah, and they are the smart party right?
To begin with I wasn't going to say anything about Steny Hoyer because well I was laughing at him to hard to type. Then this shittaka from Schumer just made me realize how retarded these people have become.

Obviously they don't pay attention to the actual people of this country, or they really want the BBA to pass because telling people they could never have their taxes raised on them is probably the greatest thing people could hear. When people find out there is a way out there to prevent the legalized extortion that the federal government places on the citizenry it will be a runaway success. Something tells me that's not the response the Dems were hoping for when the Minority Whip went public with that tidbit of information.

Now you have Schumer trying to get your 1st Amendment curtailed so that he can get the DISCLOSE Act passed. Of course the only people who's rights he wants curtailed are businesses and conservatives, Unions and liberals are free to continue as they please.

Of course maybe he was trying to get Hoyer's rights to speech curtailed so that he would stop endorsing Conservative ideas. Just a thought.

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