Monday, July 16, 2012

Obama's bad month spills into July

I'm sure that once SCOTUS ruled in his favor on Obamacare, Obama likely thought he was out of the woods for a continuing headache. Turns out he was wrong. In Florida, likely a very important swing state, Obama and Holder just suffered a serious setback.

A judge recently ruled that Florida was completely within its rights to purge voter rolls of people who should not be there, you know illegal immigrants, and convicted felons, and in some cases dogs. Obama, Holder and Napolitano didn't like that plan. They actually hated that plan and sued to stop it. Then they lost. Now they have given up.
Of course what else could they do, Gov Rick Scott was going to destroy all their hard work in getting those fraudulent voters on the rolls so that they could vote Democrat. Now all that hard work is gone.

The DOJ and DHS have agreed to drop the lawsuit against FL and allow them access to the SAVE (Systemic Alien Verification for Entitlements) Database. Of course this comes with some restrictions. They can only use the database if they have an alien number. Or the number you would get if you were legally in the country just not a citizen. That of course helps out absolutely zero for people who are here completely illegally. DHS who runs the database will not provide support simply for a request with only a name and DOB.

Voter rights groups say that this is a bad idea because this is not what the database was intended for. Really? A database to ensure that people don't illegally obtain entitlements? Isn't voting an entitlement? Shouldn't this be exactly what this database is being used for? With NO restrictions.

Of course they also claim that this isn't as bad as those jackbooted Nazi's who are trying to make you go through the same procedures to vote as you have to for you to, say, buy a beer. That's right they still find a way to claim that voter ID laws suppress minority voters. Its CRAP. I know it's crap because I disproved it here and here.

The initial review produced 180,000 names that needed to be checked. Of those they closely check 2,625 people, and found 500 to be properly allowed to vote. So they stopped. Wait what? According to my math that still leaves 2,125 that were either still unknown or shouldn't have been allowed to register and vote.

State records show that 86 noncitizens were removed from the voter rolls since April 11, and more than half of them had voted in previous elections.

If only one person had been found I would say that it was worth continuing. No we have at least 178,000 more names that need to be verified. Something tells me that number of illegals who have voted is going to go up.

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