Saturday, December 24, 2011

Liberalism vs Conservatism: What does it all mean?

Let me start by saying that I'm sure that we here at The Handbook are not the first ones to say what I am about to say, but I would like to say it in my own way. The concept of liberal vs conservative can be boiled down to one thing: Emotions.

Liberals are obsessed with them. It drives every thought process they have, every government intervention into your life that they desire, and every aspect of their lives, not to mention how they want to us it to control yours. Think about it, they tell you that we need one thing or another "for the kids" or "for your health" or "so everyone gets a fair deal" see its all built to play off of your emotions. Now that being said I do not believe their total goal is to make you get a warm and fuzzy inside. Their entire goal is to get power so that they can control your life and show you how much smarter they are than you.

When a bill gets passed by a state gov or the fed gov that does something that is suppose to keep you healthy, like your kids have to eat tofu every day at lunch, they really don't give a damn about your kids. Well if your kid is a homosexual, minority they do, other than that they are just trying to control your life that much further, but they are going to use your emotions to try to get you to go along with them.  Oh you can't find a job for almost 2 years because we keep screwing up everything that would allow jobs to grow? Well don't worry about it, my lazy friend, soon we are going to make sure that you and everyone like you get to keep your UI for as long as you need it. See emotions.

How can all those mean angry conservatives talk about splitting up all these hard working immigrant families just to send some of them back to Mexico because they crossed some line on a map and stole jobs. Granted there are rules and regulations and processes for them to come here legally but we can't be wasting that kind of time. We need them here and now. Because after all who else is going to vote for all those handouts.

Like I said everything a liberal tells you is designed to pull at your heart strings.

Now compare that to conservatives. Yes some things we do have parts based on emotion. However what we don't do is make every decision based on emotion. Most of it is based on common sense. The fact that our programs and ideas will help more people than any heart string gov handout just happens to be lagniappe (extra). 

If anyone disagrees with me let me know.

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