Sunday, December 16, 2012

Screw the Fiscal Cliff

Let me start by saying that we should never have been put into this position to begin with. The fact that Congress felt this was a good plan shows just how stupid they really are. Don't worry they tell us though, we're going to fix it before we actually have to enact all of this stuff. Excuse me if I'm not holding my breath.
In all honesty we have known about this for quite some time. We have had time to prepare for this and while the cuts are badly designed at least we are getting cuts. Does anyone actually believe that the farce of a bill that comes out of these "negotiations" between Boehner and Obama is actually going to be better? No, I didn't either.

If anything its going to turn out worse. Now we hear that Boehner is caving and willing to raise tax rates on people making over 1 million. This is on top of the loop hole and deductions revisions slated to raise 800 billion over the next 10 years. Of course that was never good enough for Obama, because this was never about raising revenue or financial responsibility, this always was and will always be about sticking it to those who are successful and taking away that which they have EARNED.

Some Republicans are saying that if we cave here we can fight next month on the Debt Ceiling. Excuse me if I don't believe you. I don't believe you because, well its the same theory that got us here. "Just wait 'till next time" they tell us. Its lies because they have no spine.

If they really had a spine they would just put their plan on the table and walk away and wait. During the waiting you make sure everyone knew your plan and that it was on the table. But to do that you have to be willing to let the fiscal cliff happen. Want it to, No, willing to let congress take their medicine, sure. Then you have a little bit of credibility on your side during the debt ceiling fight. People will begin to believe that you might actually let it expire. And you know what, that's fine, let it expire. Until we are willing to actually do what is necessary to remove 16 trillion dollars in debt, well then it should be painful.

For far too long we have been a country dependent on handouts, that fighting spirit that built this country saying we don't need help, just to be left alone, is gone. We not have Social Security because you weren't self reliable enough to save during your life for retirement, we have Medicade and Medicare because you allowed the government to get involved in healthcare and causing the costs to skyrocket.

According to Fox News Obama has proposed 600 billion in cuts with 350 billion being in Medicare, but 200 billion in new spending. Notice what wasn't on the table though, the one thing that is truly strangling our economy, Social Security.

Until we are willing to feel the pain to fix this we will never fix this. We will continue to have these fights over debt ceilings and cuts and tax rates and everything else because the cost of cradle to grave entitlements is staggering.

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