Monday, December 17, 2012

Boehner caving and still hates you.

We at The Handbook have often said that we believe that the Republican "Leadership" hates you. I can prove this again. Boehner is caving on everything that Obama wants. Obama has no reason to negotiate because he knows that eventually Boehner will cave and give him more than he ever asked for.
Right now it's being reported that the WH is acting "cocky" and doesn't feel they need to negotiate. They believe that because they have never had to negotiate, just wait it out and eventually Republican "Leadership" caves.

In addition to the millionaire tax rate increase that was offered, he just upped the ante by offering Obama a one year clean debt ceiling increase. Still that wasn't good enough for Obama. But make no mistake, Obama put this little nugget in his back pocket. Come next months debt ceiling debate he is going to demand a clean increase. His reasoning is going to be that Boehner offered it now and if he waits long enough he can get it again. Sad thing is he is probably right. He will wait out Boehner and eventually when we get really close to the deadline "Leadership" will cave. Just like they always do.

Which brings me to my point I made before. We need to step back make one last CONSERVATIVE OFFER and make it know that is our final and only offer. The only way to make sure they have to negotiate is to take us over the cliff. The WH and Dems do not believe we will. Will it hurt? Sure. But stupidity should be painful, and the entire concept of this fiscal cliff and sequestration was and still is stupid. Yes, Conservatives and Republicans will be blamed, but think of the future. No more can Dems just wait us out, knowing that eventually "Leadership" will cave. If we make the final offer and get it out there, rant about it, every day be on camera talking about our offer. Make sure it is known that there is no counter offer. Then let it expire.

Basically what I am saying is grow a set and change the narrative. So we get blamed, who gives a damn. Stand up for something. When the debt ceiling comes, don't raise that either. Force the cuts. Force them everywhere. Then and only then do you have leverage. Right now Republicans have none because no one believes we are willing to fall off the cliff.

Some people reading this will think I am nuts, and maybe I am. But I realize that when you're in a negotiation and the other side believes that you will never actually go through with your bluff, you lose. Make them sweat. Make the offer and wait. It will be nerve racking you will freak, the country will freak. Let them come to us with a deal that makes sense. Nothing less. Then in a month DO IT AGAIN. The only thing is that it won't take anywhere near as long next time to get an offer that is responsible.

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