Saturday, December 15, 2012

Concussion prevents Hillary from Testifying... Next Week

That's right. As reported by Fox News recently. Our Secretary of State fainted and hit her head causing a concussion. Plausible that it could happen. Causing her to be so out of it she cannot testify five days away is a bit less.

Not saying there is anything funny going on here. Just sayin its a bit funny that they already canceled her appearance five days away without waiting to see just how long she was affected by it. I understand that concussions can cause extreme discomfort and sensitivity to light and sound, both of which are in excess in a Senate hearing. However, to decide five days away that it isn't going to happen when a professional athlete will wait until the day of them running full speed into other large men in the case of football players before they make that decision, just seems a bit, well, fishy.

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