Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gird your loins the Gun Grabbers are coming!!!

Before we get to the meat of this I would like to say a few things. First is the absence of The Handbook for the last few months. Those of you who have continued to visit us and read our previous musings are greatly appreciated.

Secondly to the families and friends of those affected by the senseless evil attacks on a kindergarten class in CT have our deepest thoughts and prayers. Our minds may never be able to comprehend why or how someone can commit such an atrocity against the most innocent in our society. The concept of dropping my child off at school to never see them again is more than I know I could ever handle. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering that those families are going through right now.

The problem is like the title says. The Gun Grabbers are coming, and they aren't going to wait for emotions to settle and people to begin to think and act rationally again. In fact their entire program and purpose is to hit while emotions are at their rawest. They know that once emotions are calmed and rational thought comes back they have a losing argument. The fact that we have this argument starting already is quite simply disgusting. But since they are going to force it lets throw some facts out there just so that everyone understands how much of a losing proposition it is.

The simple fact is that a criminal does not care about breaking the law to use a gun to commit a crime they were going to commit anyway. Law of human nature says that a criminal looking for a target is going to avoid the one they know is armed. There are more stats and figures out there that prove gun control is a fraud and doesn't work. So why do people keep bringing it up? Simple. Emotions. The people who call for gun control directly after this type of violence are acting on emotion. The feeling that we "have to do something". Even if you beat them over the head with the proof that the actions they are calling for will never and have never worked at all to reduce crime in any fashion. In fact crime typically goes up after a gun ban. Don't believe me ask England and Australia.

Take this article from the, in a country that supposedly has no guns except for the police, and not even all police mind you, but only certain elements of the police, how exactly has gun crime risen 89% in the decade proceeding 2009?

Simple because the only people who no longer have guns are the people who were going to follow the law anyway. The criminals rejoiced in knowing they were safer to pursue their chosen profession.

Not enough for you? Take these stats from Australia. If gun control and gun bans work how exactly did their crime rate raise 42.2% in the nine years following the implementation of the ban?

For exactly the same reason that it went up and is still going up in England. Criminals by their very nature do not care about your laws.

For a little proof right here at home. If gun control laws made you safer, then DC who has basically a quasi-gun ban in effect wouldn't lead the country in murders at 24.2 per 100,000 residents, doubling the next state of LA.

Also I would like to give a h/t to my wife who rarely agrees with me on almost anything but convinced me to start writing again. So for those of you who feel this was a waste of your time. Well blame her.

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