Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wearing US Flag T-shirt Offensive and Banned....... IN AMERICA!!

Apparently when I didn't keep up over the last week or so I missed something pretty important. At some point a school principal decided that a t-shirt with the American Flag was offensive, or could be offensive on Cinco-de-Mayo. So he banned US Flag shirts on that day. WTF?

And there is a judge out there dumb enough to agree with him.

According to Hot Air this all goes back to some kid wearing a shirt that said Bong hits 4 Jesus, and since it went against school policy the school was ruled to be allowed to ban that type of shirt. But please answer me one thing..

What weird Twilight Zone episode am I living in that we are no longer allowed to show the American Flag at a US Public School on any day of the year. And since when did Cinco-de-Mayo become of concern to us here in the states? I realize there is a large mostly illegal Mexican population in this country, and for those of you who are here legally and have a problem with this, of which no one did have problem btw, you are free to migrate back south. Let me know how well it works out down there with the competing drug cartels.

If I have offended people with this post well, as I always say, If I've offended you, then you probably needed to be offended.

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