Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hermain Cains Fall?

Herman Cain apparently doesn't like us here at The Handbook. Since our backing of him he seems to have gone out of his way to completely destroy his candidacy. Or maybe it's the Democratic Machine that hates us. Then again it could all possibly be coincidence.

His inability to come out with a coherent response to the allegations other than to blame Rick Perry, then Democrats, and I think I heard something about aliens at some point has led me to the unfortunate (for my ego) conclusion that there might be something there. In truth though I still don't believe the Bialek story. Too many holes although at this point who knows. Maybe I was completely wrong in my readings of that.  To top it all off there is this interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel where he completely blows any chance at a coherent answer at Lybia and then completely screws up what should be a softball question about PEU collective bargaining rights. Of course his campaign comes out and says its because he was on only four hours of sleep.

Then again maybe I'm completely wrong on his demise as Politico says hes still in the lead in their Battleground Poll.

Then again as Redstate points out 3 polls show 3 different leaders, None of which were named Rick Perry.

I'm not sure if going tailgating for a Packers-Vikings game in Wisconsin proves he knows he probably can't recover or if it is exactly as his campaign says and has been on the calender for awhile. But even if that were true shouldn't he be in Iowa and other states right now trying to get his favorable rating back above his unfavorable?

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