Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chuck Schumer says the Tea party is dead.. again

A breath of fresh advice and prognostication from the man more in tune with the Tea Party than possibly anyone in the country. Chuck Schumer has come out and saved us from ourselves. He has let us know that the Tea Party movement has peaked, and that the upcoming Republican caucus will be less terrorist like.
According to the man that we all look to for advice on our politics we and Ted Cruz will become much more mainstream. Me thinks he don't know us very well.

Apparently he never learned exactly what drives the Tea Party. Our unbridled hatred of the unnecessary government spending on top of the lack of respect and outright refusal to follow the Constitution has only been fanned with this latest capitulation from the GOP.

But it's o.k. I mean after all McConnell got a 2 billion dollar kick back to help finish a dam project in his state that is already over budget. So it's not like that is going to piss us off or something.

Add that to McCain's guarantee that there will be no more government shut downs, and well I do believe that  January and February will become very interesting months indeed.

But much like the 2012 elections and such the rumors of the demise of the Tea Party are greatly exaggerated. The GOP may feel like they got themselves out of a pickle and the Dems think they have won, just remember this, the more the debt number grows the more we fight back.

To everyone in the GOP who voted to end the government shutdown, beware. Primaries kick off soon. Do not think we have forgotten you. Do not think we will not do everything in our power to remove you. Time will tell where the GOP goes from here, but what I can assure Chucky Schumer, McCain, McConnell, Graham, Boehner, and the others is we are not at our peak. Honestly we haven't even begun to climb the mountain.

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