Monday, October 7, 2013

ATF trying to block book on Fast and Furious

The ATF knows that the Fast and Furious debacle would be enough to get people arrested in normal times. Of course as we all know now these are not normal times. With Barry throwing temper tantrums over the shut down to make the average Americans life miserable we can all see that life is a touch bit different these days.

The ATF is blocking John Dodson the ability to publish a tell all book about the Fast and Furious because as they say:

Documents show that the ATF is doing this based on their claim that the release of such a book would "hurt morale inside the the embattled law enforcement agency."

Why would the fact of morale ever come into play when it comes to the idea of free speech and the First Amendment. Yes, I understand that there are times that allowing employees to write books could be bad for the safety of America. This however, is not that time. This is simply covering someones ass.

The initial furor over Fast and Furious has died down, they do not want that to come back and the American people to realize absolutely nothing was done about it.

One day people shall awaken to the despotism this administration engages in and then and only then shall the veil be lifted and the requirements of the Constitution be followed.

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