Wednesday, September 25, 2013

No more money after 17 Oct.

In a move that seems oddly reminiscent of the play made during the debt limit fight last December when Treasury forced us to hit the debt limit earlier than expected, they now say that will happen Oct 17th. Forcing Congress to act within 2 weeks of the beginning of the new fiscal year.

Ok, so not really out of money, just not able to borrow any more, we will still have 30 billion or so on hand, plus whatever the government brings in for the month. Anyone else find it odd that right before the debt limit fight comes up news comes out about how we are broke and unable to borrow any more?

Yeah I don't find it odd either. I'm also pretty sure that it is nothing more than pressure applied to Boehner because they know he has no spine.

But I say screw it. Let's hit the debt limit. Let's make it so there is no more borrowing, once the initial screaming dies down we can get down to the problems at hand. The out of control spending. Once there is no money to spend on dumb things and pet projects, priorities get shuffled real quick.

Time to make D.C. learn some new priorities. So screw it, don't pass a debt limit deal. Give them nothing.

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