Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cruz quasi filibuster. But will it matter? UPDATED

I’m sitting here watching Ted Cruz give his speech on the Senate floor, and Mike Enzi just started asking his question about if there was a better way to have done this than to wait until the last minute. Well Mike yes, yes there was. That sir is not really the issue here, although it is a part of the problem.

The problem as it always is, stands exactly as it has for quite some time. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner and their ass hat underlings have no spine and no stomach for a fight. They are so scare about how they will “look” if they fight to hard, like shutting down the government. Well here’s my question, we have until Nov of next year until elections, that is 13 ½ months according to the calendar I usually look at. 

Think about how long the government can shut down and not have to worry about the upcoming elections to just sit there and let Congress and Democrats sweat. Of course we have no leaders in the GOP with that kind of spine. 

One of two things would happen if we could get to that point. People would realize, much like with sequester, the world did not end and the sky did not fall, and the whole shut down thing loses it power when the public hears it. The second thing that could happen is that Democrat realize the world is not going to end and trying to convince people the world is ending and the sky is falling is hard to do when no one is really affected by it, come to terms and admit defeat. I put that option somewhere south of zero. Why? Because they are nothing if not determined and committed. 

They don’t care about the ramifications ordinary people like you and me will have to face as long as they get to keep the current power structure they have.

Would we ultimately win a media narrative if we went into a protracted government shutdown? Probably not, they would find someone to show on the news who couldn’t go to a federal park or something and cry on camera about those heartless Republicans. Please someone explain to me how this is different than what we have now.

Update: So I have heard a lot of Republican Senators will vote with Cruz because it "won't matter" because the cloture will pass. What happens if they count wrong? What if that one Senator who wants to be able to say that he voted with Cruz for his or her re-election campaign is that 41st vote. Where do we stand then? 

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