Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shocking News: Social Security Broke!

According to this story from The Blaze, the SSA spent more than 47.8 Billion more than it took in. Nothing there surprising. I mean we already knew that was happening right. How bout this then. When SS was introduced there was 40 workers for every 1 receiving payments. Now that number is down to 1.67 per person receiving benefits.

Now using what my math teacher in High School taught me, tells me that particular equation does not work out.
Social Security Continues to Post Massive Multibillion Dollar Deficits, Number of Participants Continues to Grow
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Now that being said. I can understand the guy in the front of this picture being afraid that something will happen to his government promised retirement. I mean hes beyond the age we can expect him to suddenly realize that putting something from each paycheck away might be a good plan. That train left his station a long time ago.

The guy I want to talk about is the guy picking his nose behind him. He's what in 30's maybe? And we can't touch "his" SS. Newsflash for you douche. It's not going to exist when you retire. If we keep going the way we are going, none of this will be here at that time.

Let me explain life to you. Take a little bit of the money you get for organizing rallies and collecting discarded coke cans for recycling, and put that into something called a Retirement account. If you do that the entire time you work, you will not need SS when you do get to that point in your life. You can actually retire and live off of the money YOU earned throughout your life, never dependent on anyone. I know this is a difficult concept but just try it for me, I'll bet you MY SS that it works.

Let's be honest, fiscal cliff, debt ceiling, none of it is going to matter in about 10 years when the SS cliff hits us. If you think this is going to be bad wait for that one.

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