Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gun buy back program in NY is Racist.

Or at least it must be based on previous logic used when talking about Voter ID laws. You see for you to get up to $200 for your semi-auto rifle, which in most cases is quite below market value, you have to be able to produce photo ID for accounting purposes.

How are all those minorities who can't get ID for them to be able to participate in the election process going to be able to all of a sudden get an ID to sell those guns they no longer want? Where oh where is Erik Holder when you need him. This entire operation needs to be shut down and investigated for racisism.
From The Blaze, Ithaca PD and Thompson County PD are instituting a buy back program to get those guns off the street before they end up in the hands of those that will do us harm.

Here is the same question I asked last time I wrote about this kind of stupidity. Exactly how many criminals do you think are going to come up and hand over the weapons they were planning to commit crimes with? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Of course with that one, (in Chicago no less, how funny is that?) they would still pay you for your broken duck taped guns, which then went to pay for an NRA sponsored youth course. Which quite frankly was just hilarious.

But if you have a broken gun that no longer works or that Red Rider BB gun that might put your eye out you can always bring it there. They just aren't going to pay you for it this time. Oh and you are only allowed to receive money for a maximum of 3 guns. I guess that is their way to make sure they aren't paying for youth lessons again. Who said liberals can't learn?

I consistently condemn these plans as retarded but in the interest of fairness let me explain how this program might work. I bring you a gun, you have said gun appraised, you offer me a fair market value of the gun. Then I might consider selling you my gun. Of course I am also going to take the proceeds of that sale and buy a new one. That though, is none of your damn business.

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