Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Obama wants to let UN take away your gun rights.

The UN is right now, negotiating a treaty called the Arms Trade Treaty. This is a treaty that the Bush administration had refused to even be a part of the negotiations on. Barack Obama, however, decided that negotiating with a bunch of crack heads that hate the US is a good policy plan. If this treaty were to pass it would open up private gun ownership records of American citizens to such trustworthy foreign governments as Iran.

But I'm sure that our government would never allow our 2nd Amendment rights to be trampled. Right?
This treaty basically makes it to where only governments can have guns. One of the current proposals is that only UN members may trade arms. This would remove our ability to arm nations such as Taiwan or Israel. This would be because any UN member could effectively veto an arms sale they don't like. But have no fear Iran could still arm Syria, so sure I can see how this is a great plan.

From the UN website one of the things that they are trying to do with this is to expand the UN Register of Conventional Arms. This is so that the great and all knowing UN can decide if there is a destabilizing build up of arms in one place. Riiiiiight.

Then there is this little nugget in regards to Defense holdings.

Reporting on a transfer is even more transparent if the context for the purchase is given. This is why countries can report on their national defence policies, and on the total amount of weapons they have available.

As the article in Fox News states, this will actually hinder the ability to prevent dictators from receiving arms.

“We might want to urge a country to not sell arms to a state whose government is particularly odious,” Suchan explained.
“But that government could then ask whether the sale is prohibited under the Arms Trade Treaty – and if it is not, they would argue they are meeting the international standard.”

But have no fear the Obama administration has "Red Lines" they are not willing to cross. Sure I believe that. Obama sees in this a way to erode the 2nd amendment a little farther. Besides that there is one thing that tells me this entire plan is a bad idea. Amnesty International is on board with it. That tells me all I need to know. 

I decided that I wanted to see how the left was going to spin this as a good plan. So I went to MSNBC, shockingly not a single mention of it. 

We do have one thing still on our side. We have at least 58 Senators that realize they would be crucified in the next election and have vowed to vote against this crapola if it ever gets to the Senate. To them I say thank you, even though I know most of you are doing it for the wrong reasons (to save their re-election chances), I thank you none the less.

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