Monday, July 9, 2012

Obama doubles down on class warfare

Obama has decided that vilifying the rich is the best way to win an election. This we all knew already. But now with a horrible jobs report, and anemic growth at best in the economy, he has decided that now is the time to double down on his call to end the Bush tax rates.

That is misleading though. Throughout the media they keep calling it the "Bush era tax rates". These have been the tax rates for a decade now. How long until they become just the current tax rates? Oh wait that's right, if he says that it shows that he is once again raising taxes on the American people.
In a move that is pure pandering he has decided that if you make over 250,000 you make too much money. So to make the poor and uneducated feel better he vilifies them and tells everyone that if those mean rich people would just pay their fair share we wouldn't have this problem.

Of course when you realize that on 50% of the people in this economy actually pay taxes, well the people he is pandering to are the people that just want more free stuff. Of course you already know this.

So what is the GOP to do. The tax rates are set to expire at the end of the year. Why they were ever given a death date I still to this day cannot figure out. We had a majority in all three branches yet in an attempt to be "civil" and "negotiate" we allowed something that actually caused growth in the economy to have a sunset date. Because of that we have to continually have this fight.

The question becomes what will the GOP give away to keep the tax rates as they are? My bet is entirely too much. The best bet would be to come out and say that all of the tax rates will end if all of them are permanently entrenched. Let Obama be the one to come out and force a SECOND massive tax increase on the American people.

As I have said before to the GOP I will say it again. Hold the line and don't negotiate. I don't care if you don't get invited to the next cocktail party, because if you continue to screw this up you won't be invited back to your current employment.

Grow up, get a set, and realize that we are fighting for the very existence of this country on every bill. If you start negotiating and allowing Democrats to chip away you will end up with nothing. Negotiation is not your strong suit, if you think it is answer me this. When is the last time you actually won a negotiation with Democrats?

Yeah I can't think of one either.

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