Monday, June 11, 2012

June shaping as a HORRIBLE month for Obama

Today we find out via Sheryl Atkinson of CBS News that Issa is filing for contempt charges against Holder as soon as next week. Our only question is, what the hell took so long? Holder has been stonewalling and basically useless as a witness, obviously contemptuous of Congress's attempt at oversight of the DOJ and just really confirmed what everyone already knew about anyone associated with Obama. It's always about the politics, and accepting personal responsibility for their own actions is incomprehensible. 

Hopefully this passes the committee vote. If it does and fails in the House well there's just an attack ad that just wrote itself against Dems come Nov. Not that it's not a perfectly good ad if it fails in the committee. Either way next week should be worthy of some popcorn.

I personally don't see how even the strongest Obama supporters can vote against the contempt charges. When the Attorney General goes in front of Congress and out right lies and tells them that emails about Fast and Furious were not about Fast and Furious well there hasn't been such an obvious case of lying to Congress since Slick Willie claimed that he "did not have sexual relations with that woman, Mrs. Lewinsky." Then again that impeachment trial went over well, right up until we all got to learn that there are different definitions of the word "is". 

Now add that to the belief that SCOTUS will be issuing their ruling on Obamacare sometime later this month or early next month and you just know that this month could completely destroy the elections in Nov for Obama.

No matter what Romney needs to tie Holder to Obama's neck and drown him with it. People of all political persuasions don't like the idea of officials flouting the law and thinking they are above actually you know, doing their jobs.

So lets do everything we can to make sure Obama, Holder and all their buddies get to enjoy that 99 weeks of unemployment benefits they passed come Nov.

Story now on Fox News as well.

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