Friday, June 15, 2012

DREAM ACT by executive fiat.

Let's be honest, with this petulant ass as POTUS we knew that this was going to come to a head eventually. He couldn't get the DREAM Act passed through Congress, and Latino's were actually starting to get on him about his actual enforcement of immigration laws. No, he wasn't shutting down sanctuary cities, or enforcing employers to verify immigration status, or telling the DOJ to back off of AZ or AL. Nope just deporting the ones that are dumb enough to get caught by an immigration agency that has been basically told to look the other way no matter what.

397,000 illegal immigrants were deported last year, with the number expected to be close to 400,000 again this year. So according to his newest plan basically here are the rough guidelines, however in typical Obama fashion all the details will be issued later. So through a memo from Napolitano, here are the basic guidelines of this new farce:

  • Have come to the United States under the age of 16,
  • Be no older than 30,
  • Be currently enrolled in school, have graduated high school or served in the military,
  • Have been in the country for five continuous years, and
  • Have a clean criminal record.

According to Janet Napolitano, anyone who came here under the age of 16 was unable to show the intent to break the law. Because everyone knows that no one under the age of 18 actually knows its illegal to enter a country without permission. For the sake of argument though let's say that there is someone out there that naive, shouldn't the fact that you are having to swim a river, tunnel under a fence, or sit packed like sardines in a truck trailor, or have to pay someone to show you how to get across the border tell you that, possibly just possibly what you were doing probably wasn't legal. But don't worry now we will give you a work visa and let you renew it an unlimited amount of times. So it's not technically Amnesty, but its not very far off.

Don't worry I can hear your argument already, but they were kids their parents are the ones that forced them to cross the border. Well sometimes you have to pay for the sins of the father. Deal with it. You want to come here that's great, but millions of others want to as well. Now get in line with them and be allowed into the country. We have an immigration policy in place for a reason. It's to make sure you aren't some homicidal serial killer who is just trying to expand your killing grounds or for any number of other reasons. Not to mention immigrants who come here legally are more likely to assimilate into the American culture than those that just hop a fence and still think they are part of Mexico or another country.

All that though doesn't explain the real purpose behind all of this. VOTES. That's right ladies and gentlemen Obama has realized that he's not making the money he did in 08, he basically gave a speech today in OH that admitted he's a failure and now he needs to energize his far left base to be able to get some money and momentum going.

Anyone who looks at this is anything more than a political ploy to make sure he gets even more than the 69% of Latino vote he is polling with now is naive or stupid. I haven't seen anywhere that bestows a right to vote upon anyone who falls under this new ruling from on high. But let's be honest most of them were voting already anyway.

Now I'm sure there will be some outcry from Congress about this. Mostly from the R side of the aisle. But make no mistake with a few exceptions their anger won't be because the President just basically threw out American law again, it's going to be because he went around Congress to do it. That pisses me off almost as much as this new vote pandering decree from the WH. Maybe if Congress had a set and would actually stand up and fight on some things, and yes I'm looking at you Boehner and McConnel and all the rest of the R "leadership", maybe just maybe we would trust you to not screw us over in the end. But just like the debt crisis you'll hem and haw and give some sound bites and when it all comes down to it you'll fold like a cheap suit and give in. Why? Because you have no spine and are afraid that you might not get invited to the next cocktail party.

So if the R "leadership" really wants to make some actual headway with the base and maybe just maybe not be seen as complete jelly fish, fight this, never back down, accept the calls of racism, don't let it bother you. After all they were going to call you that eventually, may as well get it out of the way now.

One last thing, I sure am glad that a simple Memo can change an entire countries immigration policy. What do we have Congress for anyway?

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