Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1.2 trillion more we owe the Chinese

Shockingly the money we allowed Obama to have with the earlier debt limit raising wasn't enough. To compound that ignorance and stupidity by McConnell and Boehner we can't stop or make a public spectacle about Obama asking for another 1.2 trillion in debt limit increase.

Redstate has a great article on it. They go pretty deep into detail about how the GOP leadership hates us and wants us all to shut up so they can just do what they want. Not like we know what is going on or anything like that. And all you whiny peasants need to shut up because you don't know how D.C. works. I might be paraphrasing there.

Face it McConnel and Boehner have no backbone, no principals and will never fight or lead the GOP caucus to fight against anything that might possibly show them in a bad light. They would rather have the media and their liberal "friends" in Congress happy with them then to listen to their base.

But that's ok. Because elections have consequences.

Here is my question though. I realize it takes a 2/3 majority in both houses to deny the increase. What if they just never vote on it. Can the debt limit legally be raised if there is a filibuster or if the bill never comes up for a vote? And since technically its our money does anyone have legal standing to sue and get an injunction. While it doesn't stop the limit increase it at least prevents it for a while and who knows maybe we can get McConnel and Boehner to admit they hate us and resign.

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