Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Freedom wins, yet we all lose.

Yesterday, freedom won. Hobby Lobby was able to get a victory on religious grounds, the Unions in Illinois lost, and recently SCOTUS beat back the President on recess appointments. All of these are good things. Great things actually. So how do I get the strongest of feelings that we are all losing?
It's actually quite simple. The judicial branch of government should not be the decider of how far government can encroach up on our life. We should be the decider of that. I realize that with a run away government such as we have. A President who refuses to acknowledge that Congress exists, a Congress that refuses to admit and act upon the powers granted them it seems we rely more and more on 9 men and women to decide what freedoms we get to keep.

Someone one day will do a study on this (probably government sponsored no doubt) and figure out where we went wrong. Well for that person let me solve you the problem right now. We lost the day we lost ourselves.

For decades now we have allowed everyone and anyone who can scream the loudest to make the rules. Offend a gay person, expect to lose you job at a minimum. Refuse to hire a minority because someone else was better qualified, you can probably expect a lawsuit. Refuse to bow to whatever the latest protected class is, expect a public tar and feathering.

When did we become a group of victims and lose our rugged determination of self reliance? The concept that no matter what obstacle you throw at me, I am going to beat it, and I dont need your damn help to do it.

Hobby Lobby won what people are calling a "narrow" victory, as far as legal precedence is concerned. Yes, it states that the business has to be closely held, large corporations such as Wal-Mart aren't going to be allowed to opt out. My question is why not? If Wal-Mart decides tommorrow they only want to hire Indians who speak Spanish who are we to tell them no? We can tell them we disagree by not shopping their, but last I checked unless you are a stock holder, or have your money involved in some other way, quite frankly its none of your damn business.

We get involved in everyday things, get caught up in media hype and forget to step back and remember the most important thing. What your neighbor does is your neighbors problem. Unless he is trying burn your house down, tell me, who gives a damn? We allow government to pass laws and regulations, each one chipping away at your rights. Want to pray at school, nope some atheist parent of one kid will sue, want to refuse to pay for abortificents, well the full weight of the United States Government will come down on you, drag you to court, and cost you millions of dollars in legal fees. At the end the best you can hope for is that those 9 men and women will agree with you.

Someone please tell me how this was even close to what the founders invisioned. We run around screaming about everything that offends us, yet never take the moment to step back and realize its none of our damn business. If you don't like that a cake maker refuses to make a cake for a gay wedding, dont patronize that buisness. What you don't do is run to the government to get them put out of business.

We corrupt our form of government and we corrupt ourselves everytime we turn to government because we were offended. If you don't like what is on T.V. change the channel. We have allowed ourselves to become victim to Alex de Tocqueville's prediction, we have come bribed by our own money. The Republic is to fall soon. See Rome.

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