Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thad Cochran wants Democrats to win him the GOP Primary

We here at the Handbook have long contended that not including strict term limits into the Constitution was something the framers missed on. The idea that someone can spend 42 years or longer in Washington D.C. is exactly the reason we have the problems we have now. Sure some candidates go there with the best of intentions, then win a re-election, then feel invincible. Thats why no one should be allowed more than 2 terms in the House and one (1), that's right I said ONE term in the Senate. On top of that no one other than the President should be able to spend more than 6 consecutive years elected to Federal Office.
Enter Thad Cochran. After learning about Cantors loss in what is probably the same way Obama did, by watching the news, now he wants to run a determined dogged campaign to make sure he keeps his cushy job in D.C.

Granted this is a man that was contemplating retirement, until the establishment decided to prop his semi-senial body up and force the man to run again. After all, if he doesn't then these crazy Tea Party loons will get another seat, then what will happen. If they get enough they could really cause problems, you know. Things like balancing the budget, repealing Obamacare, actually standing up for the proper use and requirements of Congress, all the things that the establishment has no stomach for.

So how does Cochrain plan to win in a head to head matchup when he couldn't lock up the nomination before? Simple, he will use democrats. Makes sense since he used to be one, although I'm pretty sure the Democratic party was a bit different at the time.

That isn't the problem. I don't care if he was a Southern Democrat back in the 50's and 60's. Like I said it was a different party than the basket case you have now. My problem is trying to convince liberal Democrats of today to cross over in the GOP primary, so he can keep the pork flowing to the state.

Why is he and the establishment so scared of Chris McDaniel? Well from what I can tell, McDaniel isn't very interested in pork, or following the establishment. He was extremist things like a balanced budget, and government oversight and accountability, and this crazy thing of being beholden to the Constitution. You know all the things that the current GOP leadership hates.

So if your reading this in Mississippi, vote for McDaniel, if for no other reason Cochran has been in the House and Senate for 42 straight years. Has the country improved while hes been there?

Maybe, just maybe, its time to put someone who hasn't been there for 4 decades in office and see what that guy can do. I mean who knows maybe we can get different results if we put different people in office. After all sending the same people over and over doesn't seem to ever change anything, no matter what they say during the campaign.

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