Monday, June 23, 2014

IRS had contract with private firm to back up emails

I say had, because from 2005 to 2011-ish, the IRS contracted out the private firm Sonasoft. So here I am spending my weekend, wondering just how dumb the IRS could be to not be backing up emails and such forth, allowing individual employees to decide what should be kept to incriminate themselves, and lookie what I find on Monday morning.
According to Townhall those emails were backed up. At least thats what Sonasoft claims they do. They back up emails for companies for a fee. This is not to say they are still backed up. After all I imagine that once you fire the company and refuse to pay them any more they dump your data and use that space for paying customers.

According to Reason the IRS was only paying 5-10 grand a year for these people and they don't appear to be a very large company. But lets be honest, how large do you have to be to store email. The timing as Townhall states is kind of interesting, however the public really didn't understand the problem yet in 2011 when the contract was terminated, so who knows.

But if you were going to get rid of emails, and you had this pesky company that kept storing them, how do you get them to delete them? Asking them would raise some red flags. Fire them though, and they will do it for you I imagine. Or at a minimum at least give you all your data back, at which time....

But I'm sure there is some perfectly reasonable reason why no one was following Federal Law at the IRS and keeping track of emails and such forth. I mean they wouldn't try to cover up some phony non-scandal where there is not a smidgeon of corruption would they?

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