Monday, July 29, 2013

Yes, defunding Obamacare is worth shutting down the Government

In fact I think anything that prevents Congress from passing any laws for a while might be something worth looking into. Hell I would be willing to pay them more to just go away. But since they wont take that deal I guess we are stuck with them. The least they could do is something worth a damn for once. To that extent thank you, Senator Lee.

SO let me get this straight. The GOP is scared of fighting to shut down the government because Mitch McConnell, that bastion of principled, strong willed conservatism, says that it would be a bad plan because, well I'm not really sure which excuse he's using publicly and to be honest I don't give a damn. We all know the real reason. He's scared. Obama will not sign anything that doesn't fund Obamacare and McConnell will be made fun of and people will talk bad about him on the news. Which brings up and interesting point, does he watch the news now? Not like your a champion to the big 3 there jack.

Let me explain how this should work. Every Republican should damn well sign Mike Lee's letter. Those that don't should be removed next year. The House should refuse to pass anything that funds Obamacare, they should then take it one step further and refuse to go to conference for any bill. Either the Senate passes the one exactly like the House passed, which completely defunds this monstrosity, or nothing happens.

As I have said before Dems will walk to the edge because they know that the GOP is to scared to jump over. They don't believe for a minute, rightfully I might add, that the GOP will not cave and give them everything they want now plus the stuff they ask for because the GOP made them wait.

So screw it, shit it down. Grow a damn spine. Anyone who has ever read my writing knows that I firmly believe that until you pressure the Dems with their worst fear you will get nothing. So they will talk bad about you on the news, they already do. Dems will speak of the evil you are daily, so what. Thank them and walk away.

Never NEVER NEVER, start negotiations with them. Make them come to you. PUBLICLY. Humiliate them, make them understand that there is a new order to doing things. If you want the dynamic to change then change it damnit. But you can't change it pussy footing around. Once people see that even in a shutdown SS checks still go out, Military still gets paid, guess what. it will be just like the sequestration that was suppose to make the sky fall. People realized that NOTHING happened.

We own the damn House that means we control the money. Start acting like it.

Of course I am still under the possible mind frame that people voted him back into office, so force his law to take effect as it is written right now. When UE hits 10% or higher call me so I can tell you we tried to warn you.

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