Friday, March 22, 2013

Been away but we're back

For the three of you who read this I would like to apologize for the last month of not being here. I did a move from England back to the states and getting all of that done and getting back to a point where I had a chance to sit down and pay attention, much less write something was, well, a bit of a struggle you could say.

So while I was away Sequester went through, the world didn't end, but apparently White House tours did. Not sure how much that saved us but I'm certain that we are on our way to a balanced budget due to that and that alone.

The CR that went through the Senate funded Obamacare, we are 16 trillion in debt, and can't allow people to have a tour of the White House but we can fund a monstrosity that will take up 1/6 of the economy. Yeah that makes sense. To every Republican who voted to fund Obamacare through the CR should be primaried and removed from office. They say that elections have consequences, well to every person currently residing in some cushy government elected office, you should understand that each vote you cast has consequences. If we have to deal with the crap you vote for once you get elected then you are going to have to deal with us. It is that simple.

Before I went away for a while I was one of the people saying that we should allow for sequester to go through. Congrats Republicans you didn't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on that one. I know people say that sequester is going to hurt. I firmly believe that the only people that are going to feel the pain are the military. Which is kind of retarded but, such is life.

Now on to the budget fight. 

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