Thursday, January 3, 2013

We asked for it, Now we have it.

For the last month I have been screaming to the world and all three of you here that read this, that we needed to go over the cliff. Pass a bill in the house that was logical and made full of common sense, you know balancing the budget type stuff, and then send it to the Senate and walk away. Instead what happened is what always happens. The Republican "Leadership" caved and gave away everything and then some.

Oh and for those of you about to say it, DO NOT come to me and talk about changing a narrative for the debt ceiling debate. Even you can't possibly believe that Boehner (if still speaker) and McConnell are going to show any more backbone than what they did here.
Now we see that the cliff "deal" has passed. Not sure who it's a deal for because it definitely ain't a deal for the American people or for the American economy. So we are going to raise taxes on most small businesses in the country and reduces absolutely no spending at all. So congrats morons you just proved my point.

Going over the cliff was going hurt. We all know that. It was suppose to hurt as I have said before the entire premise of it was stupid and stupid should be painful.

But it's okay they tell us. Because we have the debt ceiling debate coming up, and we know we will get some spending cuts there. Allow me a minute to stop laughing.

Okay I'm back. Now we hear that Obama likes the tax bill but warns Republicans "Not to pick a fight on the debt ceiling". That sound you hear is America weeping. As Obama said with the fight in 2011 that gave us the fiscal cliff that we just (unfortunately) averted, if we would not have raised the debt ceiling then we would have stopped the recovery we were on. To which I say: What recovery?

We also received word that Boehner refuses to negotiate one on one with Obama any more. Well there's a good start, at least he is beginning to recognize his repeated failures. That is the first step to a cure. The second step is making sure that he is not re-elected as speaker. That will happen today. We shall see.

Now show of hands for everyone who thinks that Republican "Leadership" is willing to force the government shut down that will be required to actually make some cuts from our bloated and irresponsible (lack of a) budget.

Oh and lest he think we forgot him we can all thank Mitch McConnell for making this bill get through the Senate and not standing on some kind of principal. Of course we all knew how this was going to end. The question was who was going to sell us all out first.

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