Friday, January 25, 2013

English Socialism: Report on your Neighbor

As some of you know I am currently residing in England, however, thankfully not for much longer. Now that being said I was at McDonald's today and saw a sign that seriously bothered me for a few reasons.

At first I really didn't know how to take that sign. What exactly constitutes anti-social behavior. Are we talking about criminal behavior? Maybe vandalism or something like that? So being the way I am I wanted to find out. Mostly because to me it just seemed like a really dirty way for the government to get you to spy on your neighbor, i.e. Nazi Germany.

Turns out anything that can be considered nuisance, or criminal or make you feel endangered or offended can be considered anti-social behavior. On top of that the victim gets to choose your punishment.

From the official government website of the UK here is the official definition.

Antisocial behaviour is any aggressive, intimidating or destructive activity that damages or destroys another person's quality of life.

 So if someone does something that you feel affects your quality of life, such as letting their garden(lawn in the US) become untidy, or not cutting it for a week. While I realize there are some people out there who believe it should be a crime to not cut your grass every week, most of those people form homeowner associations and take out their anger about their unfulfilled lives on anyone dumb enough to move there.

Then again that could technically be charged as anti-social behavior since you could feel uneasy from them constantly harassing you about not cutting your grass every week, because you have job and a life, you could charge them with anti-social behavior. Or want to gather with some friends and throw a block party? Nope if someone is offended, cause you know they are dicks so you didn't invite them, they can call that magic number and turn you in.

I understand that having lines that people could call to report crimes that aren't necessarily emergencies might work out, however, those should probably be actual, you know, crimes.

Who knows like I said I finally get to leave the socialist utopia that is England, and return to America, where we are trying to become a socialist utopia. FML.

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