Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shocking: NYT still skewing polls

NYT and CBS teamed up with Quinnipiac to conduct a poll in OH, FL and PA. Shockingly they managed to make it look like Obama was running away with this election.

Personally I don't know as much about polling skews and weighting and all the crap that comes with polling. The guys over at Hot Air seem to have a pretty good handle on it and from the numbers they show for the polling it shows what my gut instantly knew. That the NYT and CBS made sure this poll came out the way that they wanted.
According to this poll that basically thinks that Dem turnout will be better than that of 2008 has Obama up by 11 in PA 53-42, a 51-45 lead in FL, and a 50-44 lead in OH.

So magically in just a couple of days Obama has managed to kick his numbers and Dem enthusiasm up to a whole new level.

Excuse me for not believing a single word of it. I never believe "internal" polling numbers from a campaign and I, just on sheer principal, never believe anything the NYT says. Ever.

Oh wait Gallup proved that the enthusiasm gap didn't magically change over night. Obama and his apologists just wanted to put something out there to make you think it did.

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