Monday, July 23, 2012

Chavez endorses Obama

And the hits just keep on coming. First Steny Hoyer talks about how the BBA would make it virtually impossible to raise taxes, then Chuch Schumer wants to curtail your first amendment rights, Obama himself comes out and tells every small business owner they would be useless without the government, and now this.

Seriously I understand that administrations really have no control over foreign leaders endorsing them or not, but to have Hugo Chavez endorse you probably ain't the best way to win an election. Well if the entire country was comprised of Sean Penn's and Danny Glover's it might be. But we're not.

I personally thought that June would be the worst month for Obama, but if he keeps getting this kind of endorsement from his party, hell who knows where the possibilities lie?

With the amount of people that already think that Obama is a socialist and a marxist, how does this play if it actually gets any traction and publicity?

So once again he has more stuff to not talk about while on the campaign trail. How much longer until he has nothing to talk about but how evil Romney is? Wait? What? Oh, well nevermind.

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