Saturday, October 29, 2011

England Where the US is headed under Liberals.

 For those of you who are new to the handbook, and basically since it just started that would be all of you, let me give you a brief into myself and my views. I have been in the Navy for 11 years and consider myself to be a staunch member of that Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that the Clinton's were always screaming about. With that I have no use for politicians who believe that my money should be used for their pet projects. That goes for both sides of the aisle. I really have no use for anyone who believes that the government could/should be there to always to make sure that you are saved from your own stupidity. Some will call me heartless, to an extent you may be right. I have a firm belief that the government to a point has to be heartless. I believe that most of the people who are screaming right now that we shouldn't touch SS should probably look over their lives and figure out what they did with their money. Oh wait that's right, they believed that the Gov would be there for them in the end. Well guess what? Shockingly the government has screwed that up and it ain't gonna be there for ya. Now what ya gonna do?

 Now that we have a slightly better understanding of who I am and where I stand I guess we can go forth and talk about what I actually posted this blog would be about.

   Earlier I said that I am in the Navy. This has given me and opportunity to visit multiple countries around the world. The latest of which is the country of the United Kingdom. I have lived here since June and have come to realize the largest fundamental difference between the US and the UK. In the US we believe that our rights have been given to us from God and therefore no man can take them away. Here in the UK they believe to an extent that their rights have been given to them from the crown and thus are willing to go along with whatever crazy idea that gets thrown out there.

  When I first got here I knew there would be some differences, however I never expected the differences that actually abound here. While in some respects the UK is doing better than the US its hard to understand why anyone would want this type of control in their life. For instance current unemployment in the UK is 7.7% and private job growth is outpacing US private sector growth. On top of that 24k jobs were shed in the private sector here, so it appears that they might have learned something. No where I'm talking about is the amount of the money earned that is required to be give to the government here. Want to drive your car? Well that's fine but your going to pay a tax disc (for my car its 215 British pounds about 344 US dollars) don't forget to buy your insurance (about twice what I was paying in the states) Want to drive in London? That's fine but your going to pay the congestion tax since your driving and taking up space or something. Want to rent a house here? Great but don't forget when you rent the house here YOU become responsible for the property taxes. The house I'm living in (which has only one closet, but 4 bathrooms, weird) is 1145 British pounds about $1850.

  But all of those pale in comparison to the one that I'm sure every liberal in America would drool over if they ever thought they could push it through. The TV tax. Yes ladies and gentlemen here in the UK in order for you to watch TV (doesn't matter if its live or recorded or a video) you have to pay a tax on it and that is another 145 pounds, about $230. Oh and don't think your just gonna skip out on it. Cause when you buy a TV or sign up for service they send a notice to the Gov just to let them know that well your money is due.

  After all of that if you think your just gonna go to the mall or not watch TV and save that money well parking that polluting space eater you call a car is gonna cost you too.

 Like I said a liberals dream. Just think of all the fun projects ol' Nancy could come up with what with all that new income.

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