Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can Conservatives win the coming debt limit and sequester fight?

I ask this in all seriousness. I know that if we had a "leadership" that was more concerned with reigning in spending and reducing the debt we could win. The problem is we don't have that kind of leadership. True, we do have some in Congress that feel this way and have the spine to make it work, but those unfortunately do not amount to numbers that we need.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell will capitulate and cave long before we ever get to point of actually making the Dems sweat. Reason is the other side already knows that the Republican "Leadership" is scared of the media narrative blaming them if things don't go the exact way that the Dems want it to. We all know that those spineless fools will never have the fortitude to actually force the cuts that are needed.
Right now Boehner says that he is willing to let the sequester cuts happen. Problem is you have people in the Republican party that will fight that due to the defense cut portion of the bill. Let me explain something to everyone in the Republican party. NEVER NEVER NEVER announce publicly that you are willing to fight against any kind of cut. Especially in this kind of climate. I get it you want you constituents to know you won't allow the other side to know that.

Our entire leverage comes from the fear that we would be willing to shut down the government and allow the sequester cuts to go through. By announcing publicly now that you won't just allows them to know all they have to do is wait us out. This is why we continually lose every time we try for anything.

Face it conservatives are going to be blamed no matter how this turns out. Why don't we for once stick to our principals and at least get the blame for something we really did this time. This is simple, change the narrative. I have said this before. Get the entire GOP side of the House and Senate together at one time. Work out a bill that cuts spending and doesn't steal any more of my paycheck. Once you know that you have full Republican support in both the House and the Senate you can pass that bill in the House and FORCE it upon the Senate. Make it known everyday that the Republican House passed a bill and sent it to the Senate in accordance with the constitutional rules in place for passing laws in this country. Put the media focus on the Senate. While your at it pass another budget the same way.

More importantly STOP NEGOTIATING. You suck at it. You lose. You don't know how. Once that bill is passed through the House your need to talk to anyone else stops until the Senate votes on the bill sent to them. Make it publicly known that no more negotiations will occur until the Senate does their job.

This is the same program you follow for the CR that will be due in Mar. Make the budget balance THIS YEAR. Pass that through the House and send it to the Senate. DO NOT speak to anyone else until that is voted on in the Senate. Make it publicly known every day that a BALANCED budget has been sent to the Senate but Harry Reid refuses to allow a vote on it.

FORCE HIS HAND. This is the only way you will get anything done. If they chose to not vote for the bills that's fine. That means the Debt limit doesn't go up (No new borrowing). The sequester goes through(massive cuts to Defense and Non-Defense). On top of all of that the government shuts down. Put the pressure on them. Force them to realize you have the spine to do what is right for the country. Everytime you go on the news make it known that the House has done their job and that all three bills have full Republican support in the Senate.

Yes, just so you know the GOP will be roundly criticized on NBC CNN and the like. Show me a day that we are not criticized right now?

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